Walk with me for a few seconds, while I explain the reason for this website, for this inspiration, for this lifelong work that I wish the world to see.

My name is Nicholas. You don’t know me, but in the days, weeks, months, and years to come, I hope you will join me on this journey that for a long time, I have planned.

You see, the world we live in is a small one. There is this theory that often has me wondering if it is indeed true. And if it’s true, then maybe, just maybe, we have something to battle all the negativity, anger, strife, and separation in this world.

What I’m talking about is the separation of man. The theory is that any individual can be connected to each other by a matter of 6 individuals or less. That’s right, in a sense we are connected by 6 degrees of separation…

Now.. here’s where you and I come in..

What if, in this separation, we can do something… every day, every waking moment, that can inspire another individual..

Will this connection in inspiration also inspire another individual.. and in that sense… are you only 6 degrees away from inspiring another individual on the other side of the globe?

I think you are. and I think I am. and I think this little piece of real estate on the net is just that. A way where we can inspire and be inspired.

Come with me on this journey. Share your inspiring stories of trials and victories. Share to the world what inspires you everyday…. Let us start this inspiring journey together…

Six Degrees of Inspiration is a blog about inspiration in the form of stories, poetry, letters, and people.

Let me end this with a video which I think clearly conveys what our mission is all about.

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