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    2006 Youtube Video Awards: Most Adorable Now this video, I wasn’t really aware of. I usually pride myself in being up to date with videos. Anyway, this video is really nice. To think that a student did this for his master’s thesis was nice to know, since Youtube prides itself in being the platform for showing amateur videos (although this video is pretty semi-proffesional since it is for a master’s thesis). It kinda reminds me of the Ice Age character who’s always after the Acorn. Well, I hope you enjoy this video, it really is pretty cute.

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    Maya Angelou – Bill Clinton Inauguration

    I thought I would reminisce back at the inaugural of Bill Clinton and a historic moment, as Maya Angelou recites a poem at his inauguration. This was the first time I was introduced to Maya, and ever since, her words have inspired me. Let them inspire you as well. A beautiful message, that you must read and read again to fully understand its meaning…

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    Imperfection is Perfect

    Do you ever notice that people treat mistakes so badly as if they had never made any themselves. What’s worse is that they try to make you feel bad about it. Let me tell you otherwise, and let other successful individuals tell you otherwise too, because imperfections, making mistakes, and proceeding despite the

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    5 Ways To Be An Annoying Blogger

    The following is part of a writing project that I am participating in. As you may know, I’m an avid blog reader myself, and I am amazed at the blogs that inspire me from day to day. But once in a while, I come upon some really annoying blogs. So in the spirit of sarcasm on steroids, I thought I’d give you “Top 5 Ways To Be An Annoying Blogger“. 1. Copy other peoples contents Oh yes, if you want to be the most annoying blogger out there and your heroes are those scumbag splogs and scrapers that proliferate the internet, then copying other peoples contents is definitely the best…