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It’s A Wonderful Life

To all the George Baileys out there, I’d love to wish you a Happy Holiday season. I’ve watched It’s A Wonderful Life ever since I was a kid. And I will take this movie tradition with me and make it a tradition with my children and family.

Basically, It’s a movie that tells us all that whether we know it or not, we all have made a difference in the lives of people. And we all can make a difference. It’s the unselfish character of George Bailey that has made this movie a true tradition. The sacrifices at George makes to help the people of Bedford Falls.

George forgoes his schooling to head the Billing and Loans after his father dies, and he sends his brother to college. Circumstance upon circumstance forces George to stay in Bedford falls instead of pursuing his dream to be an Architect… After a mishap and misplacement of money to be deposited, George goes into a wild tailspin of running around seemingly lost and crazy…

After asking for help from God, George finds himself on a bridge about to commit suicide, but an Angel by the name of Clarence jumps into the water, so that George can save him… In the process of saving Clarence, George doesn’t commit suicide.

In the guard house where they clean and dry themselves off, George goes into a rant and wishes he’d never been born… and so the plot goes, that George and Clarence goes around “Potttersville” and sees how bad the town would have been if George were not born…

George finally realizes that his life is important and everything goes back to normal, as George runs around through the streets of Bedford Falls and heads to his home… where a Christmas Miracle awaits him…

People come in droves after hearing of George’s plight, and individual by individual they pile money on the table.. people whom George has helped with his compassionate giving… His old buddy wires in 25K and there is literally a whole pile of cash on the table… George’s brother arrives from the war, after receiving his medal of honor, and declares a toast “To George, the richest man in town”..

The crowd inside the house bursts into joyous singing of “Auld Lang Syne”, and George sees a book atop the pile of money — Tom Sawyer — and inside the inscriptions…

Dear George:
Remember no man is a failure who has friends.
Thanks for the wings!

The movie ends, as a bell rings on the Christmas Tree, and Zuzu says to George, “Teacher says ‘Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.’”… George replies, “That’s right”, looks up, and says, “atta boy, Clarence,”….

Remember, my dear friends, your life is worth more than anything else on this earth. What you do with your life should be spent helping others.

What we are is God’s gift to us… What we become is our gift to God..

I hope this Christmas, you realize that life is all about giving, and that your life is precious… it truly is A Wonderful Life…

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