5 Ways To Be An Annoying Blogger

The following is part of a writing project that I am participating in. As you may know, I’m an avid blog reader myself, and I am amazed at the blogs that inspire me from day to day. But once in a while, I come upon some really annoying blogs. So in the spirit of sarcasm on steroids, I thought I’d give you “Top 5 Ways To Be An Annoying Blogger“.

1. Copy other peoples contents

Oh yes, if you want to be the most annoying blogger out there and your heroes are those scumbag splogs and scrapers that proliferate the internet, then copying other peoples contents is definitely the best way to go.

2. Be inconsistent with the quantity of posts

This is a great idea that will definitely get you on the most annoying bloggers list. So here it is — all you have to do is post nothing for a day or two, then hit your RSS subscribers and your loyal readers with a flood of posts, maybe 5 or 10, or why not go for the jackpot and post 20 posts at once. This is a sure fire way to get bumped out of any blog parties that you were going to attend.

3. Blog about the most mundane things you did during the day.

Ever read those blogs that talk about drying paint or their favorite pencil? If you have, then you have certainly found a gem in the world of annoying bloggers. Another good example of an annoying blogger writing about yet another mundane topic would be — “I just ate some toast this morning, and oh I love toast”

4. Don’t Read Copyblogge

He’s way too nice of a writer to become annoying. If you truly want to become an annoying blogger, and I know you do, then you must fight the urge to spell right, make your sentences grammatically correct, or even try to write in a cohesive manner. In short, do not read Copyblogger! You have the write to be umgratical.

5. Don’t link

Why should you help out your readers? When you talk about an article, do you really need to link to that article, your views should suffice right? If you want to be an annoying blogger, then write and don’t provide relevant links, too much information is bad for society. It only enlightens them even more, and enlightened minds will never read an annoying blogger’s blog.


Now obviously, the just mentioned tips on how you can become an annoying blogger was done in a sarcastic tone. If you truly want to be a great blogger, you may want to avoid these tips and do the opposite.

In the end, being an annoying blogger is a lonely road. So if you treasure your personal life and having friends, try not to be annoying. Your readers will thank you for it.

This post is part of the Top 5 writing project that Darren is running. So if you are an avid blog reader, then this week is gong to keep you busy

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